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Log Splitters & Chippers

The 22-ton log splitter from OREGON® is perfect for use around the home and powerful enough for heavy users. It can split logs up to 24" in length. This unit comes equipped with a Honda engine. (We currently have in stock)

The 28-ton log splitter provides commercial grade force that allows for splitting logs up to 24" diamater. This unit comes equipped with a 270cc Honda engine. (We currently have in stock)

If you are interested in a Power-tek Log Splitter we can order what you are looking for:

​PowerTek Inc. produces the finest log splitters on the market today. V-VS models work in both the horizontal/vertical positions. The 7-degree back cut on the cutting wedge keeps the log in place on the beam for maximum safety. A 5.5 HP Briggs Intek I/C or a 5.5 HP Honda are the engine options for the Model 516 splitter. An 8 HP Intek or an 8 HP Honda are the engine options for the Model 825 splitters. The V models have a rigid axle recommended for a 45 MPH or less towing speed. The VS models come with fenders, taillights, and a high-speed full independent suspension. There are five splitters 

PowerTek Inc. Chippers are designed for rugged reliability, which is why we back it up with our full one-year warranty. The 360-degree rotating discharge chute allows you to direct the flow of chips into a pile or the back of your truck. Weather you select the gravity feed model or a hydraulic feed model, the 30" flywheel will handle the toughest jobs.